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RICHARD CHURCH - is an active-participant member and real estate investor in Boise, Idaho. He has been investing in rental property for over 23 years with the last six as an active-participant member in TIC owned properties. He has brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise to bear as Project Manager for multiple TIC owned properties in Texas and Colorado.
JACOB ELLENS - has owned investment real estate since 1992, and has been an active-participant member and project manager since 2003. He has experience overseeing the real estate investments of a pension fund advisory firm – apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial parks, and hotels. His project management company, Monroe Services, has mentored and trained many project managers. He has served as project manager on properties located in Arizona, Texas, and Colorado.
GREG WILSON - has owned single family homes, duplexes, and TIC ownerships for almost two decades. He has extensive experience in managing local and out-of state properties, and is presently a project manager for seven TIC owned properties in Colorado. As a CPA, he brings an exceptional ability to control property managers by getting to the “bottom line” of any statement or report. His skills and perseverance have produced improvements in occupancy and reduced expenses on all the properties that he oversees.
JIM RATLIFF - has been associated with Cal State Companies over 10 years. He is a successful project manager in Arizona and Texas. Jim has his real estate brokers license. He is currently working on a 35-unit condo conversion in Austin, Texas.